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Oh, "Persona 3" is awesome! I loved the second game but the third is really interesting because it's totally unlike any RPG's that you have played. The game goes by days on a calendar and on each day, your main character attends school. At school, you can study, join clubs and meet other friends. By having friends, you start building relationships that lead to awesome personas.

Personas are like supernatural beings with powers. You can fuse 2 or 3 of them to create another supernatural being and so forth. But how that relationship that persona is with you is by how you conduct yourself in your personal life.

So, as a encounter girls. Do you want to walk them home, flirt with them, stay away from them. With the guys, develop friendships, join a club or the Student Body. Visit shopping areas or temples to develop other attributes and also to purchase items.

Now, that's during the day time but at night...once the clock hits midnight, that's when you enter "after hour". The period of time when the monsters come out and play and human beings are encased in coffins (don't ask). Because the monsters are now getting out of hand, it's up to you and your friends to stop them. But these monsters are powerful, so it's up to you to choose your personas wisely and build them. But to do need to build your relationship/friendship with others that you come across with in your personal life and even with others may it be on a MMORPG game (yes, you can spend your day playing MMORPG).

"Persona 3" is deserving of the great reviews it has received.
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