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Originally Posted by Jeysie View Post
Off the top of my head, the original screenplay idea for I, Robot that Harlan Ellison wrote many moon ago. I have the illustrated copy of it that they made, and it sounds (and looks intriguing).

I have no idea how good/bad the movie they actually made is, but the fact that, from what I've heard, it's not actually based on any of Asimov's excellent stories is disappointing. So much good stuff they could have used (like Donovan and Powell ).
I'll go along with that one. The movie I, Robot is OK as far as it goes, if you're in the mood for a light action thriller with a futuristic setting. But it's got nothing to do with Asimov.

Probably they reckoned Asimov's actual robot stories don't have enough action or human interest. He is (was) on the very hard side of "hard" science fiction. Which, before anyone squawks, is not a complaint. I like hard science fiction.

I never knew Harlan Ellison wrote a screenplay based on the robot stories. Now, that would be something worth seeing!

As far as movies that ought to be made, I think a film of the comic/graphic novel The New Statesmen would be outstanding. Especially now that computerised special effects are up to the task.
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