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Well, ok, I'll give you that Halo's pretty overhyped too. But FF7 has brought about more of a cultural impact, what with the whole opening of the Japanese market it seems...

Regardless, it's an epic game of course, but I mean indeed the minigames surrounding it that are awful, the controls are clunky and slow and the animations show their age and low production values. Most of all I find it so appalling that everyone gets so soaked about
Aeris' death,
as if it were the most beautiful and important thing ever. Whereas when I played the game I thought it had little emotional impact (maybe also because I was rooting for Tifa?), and all the game newbies who entered the world of gaming obviously didn't know that there had been lots of meaningful deaths in games way before FF7. Deaths that did a lot better job of tearing me up because the story wasn't told in a rather disjointed, piecemeal way.

Take for instance Westwood's Blade Runner. When Clovis dies at the end in a sickly bed reciting poetry, THEN I had to sniffle a bit. Not at some audio-less video where low-poly Sephiroth cleaves low-poly Aeris in slowmotion with a big samurai sword.
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