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I got a Wii recently, and started playing some Gamecube games recently, got Metroid Prime, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil and soon Wind Waker.
Metroid is fantastic, I agree that half an hour in not nearly enough to get a good impression of how it plays. the tutorial level "feels" like an action game and it's an excuse to understand the new controls (which are great, by the way, I usually don't like FPS on consoles but this is working great). After she loses her powers and you first start to understand how big the world is and how to explore it multiple times with different powers, is when the game really starts
By the way, I think that the big action Metroid Prime 3 demo that was shown at E3 might work has the tutorial level in this one and the game could quite different.

Resident Evil is fun but I hate the controls

And to answer the topic, it's worth geting a Cube but I think the Wii is a better purchase right now with all the virtual console stuff and soon to be released new games.
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