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Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
I played the first level of Metroid Prime. It reminds me alot about Halo. Halo was recommended by fans of XBox but when I played it it was a quite ordinary and not that spectacular FPS. Metroid Prime was recommended by GameCube fans and when I played it... well, the same. I turned it off after half an hour without even bothering to save the game.
One half hour? You can't get a feel for the game within a half hour. The tutorial section up in space is nothing special- it's just to let you get the hang of the controls. You can only really start appreciating the game when the controls are completely second nature and you figure out that the shooting is secondary to the exploring. Then the game becomes amazing. But how long it takes you to get to that point can vary. I know people who understood Metroid Prime almost instantly, and I've talked with people who played through the entire game and never "got" it. Myself, I was only marginally impressed by the game the first time I played it, because I was approaching it as an action game. It wasn't until the second time I played it that I fell in love with it.

So a half hour? Not nearly enough. Plus, you've gotta stop thinking of it as an action game. Then you'll start to appreciate it.

Resident Evil 4 is as far as I concern overrated. It's not scary and the game is inconsistent jumping between areas that simply makes no sense which distance me from the story.
The story is worthless and it's not trying very hard to be scary. The value of the game comes from the diversity of approaches to its levels. No two parts of the game are quite the same, which makes the whole experience fresh from start to finish.

It sounds to me like you have a tough time getting over your preconceptions. You're trying to enjoy Metroid Prime like a standard FPS, and you're trying to enjoy Resident Evil 4 like the previous Resident Evil games. But you haven't played games like these before, because they're pretty unique. So if you don't have an open mind with them, if you don't wait to see what they are rather than judging them by what you think they should be, you don't even have a chance of enjoying them!
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