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Originally Posted by Kolzig View Post
I watched Hot Fuzz yesterday and it was simply amazing.
Even better than Shaun of the Dead in my honest opinion.

Simon Pegg, please make more amazing movies asap.
I've got the Double DVD special edition of that (which came with a cool pair of mirror shades )

The extras on the DVDs are incredible and well worth the purchase price including such classics as extracts from the TV version (they are contractually obliged to make a version without swearing but no-one said they had to use sensible alternatives. The characters say "funk" , "silt" and "Peas and Rice!" a lot ) and Edgar Wrights first cop film (student project stuff. Passably funny and an astounding 40 minutes long)

The Hype-O-Meter is still my favourite though. The subtitles are replaced with facts about the film and sources for some of the stuff inspired by other films/TV series.) Did you know the training montage at the beginning was actually filmed at Hendon Police College?
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