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Originally Posted by TheTwelve View Post
I'm not sure you can complain about a monopoly on free games by a free game engine. Remember, when people make free games, everyone wins!
I think it would actually benefit AGS if people were turning away from it because of one reason or other. There'd be competition and for the game engine projects that would be a good thing - I also think that it's a shame other engines don't have so many games released even when they'd have great potential. But people seem to be content with AGS so there's probably nothing too much wrong with it, for them at least - I would never use AGS in its current stage.

Having tested many of the engines available, I'm also slightly baffled at those who proclaim AGS the greatest of them all (especially the one who proclaimed that all other engines should just stop development) without having tried the others, but well, maybe this is a subject I have to discuss with my therapist.
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