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Originally Posted by TiAgUh View Post
never played the 3rd (and 1st) but from what ive heard, every aspect of Breath of fire 4 is much better then all the others... try it. I also played the 2nd (my first rpg) for snes many years ago, awesome game. Fishing..I never caught a wale . Lunar never caught my attention till now, is the story really that good? (good plot twists?).

Ahead of its time imo..
The Lunar series (Silver star story & Eternal blue) is fantastic , don't let the oldschool in-game graphics turn you off. The story is great (did have some plot twists) , very funny and the characters are all very likeable. The numerous anime cutscenes , the voiceovers and the music are pretty cool. It was one game that i dare say , i felt sad when i finished it.

A small video walkthrough in Lunar 1 : Silver star story showing you how the gameplay is like.

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