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Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
I also watched Ratatouille. It was a good movie and all, but I had some reservations.

The film never quite managed to convince me to suspend disbelief and accept the notion of a rat chef. I think that's because the nature of the rats was somewhat awkwardly defined. They're somewhere between the rabbits of Watership Down, who are intelligent and have personalities, but still behave like animals, and the fully anthropomorphic mouse of Stuart Little, who wears clothes and generally behaves like a human. It kept highlighting that Remy isn't just a chef in rat form, he's a "real" rat, and that reminded me of how silly the premise is.
It managed to work for me personally (I'm not criticizing the fact that it didn't work for you by the way ). I happen to like rats (they are quite intelligent for a rodent and can be very sociable with humans) so that probably helped as I tend to anthropomorphize animals I like much more easily.

I could also have done with a little less slapstick and a somewhat more meaty story. Finally, there's one black character in the movie, and he has one single line: "This is some bad juju!" That just makes me cringe.
The slapstick really fit the character that they used it for most often - Linguini.

On the positive side, there's a moment of true beauty near the end of the film which literally had me in tears:
When Anton Ego tastes the ratatouille.
Agreed! That was a truly wonderful moment and it really
speaks to emotional power of food.
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