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Originally Posted by Squinky View Post
Darling, it's my duty to slam AGS at every possible opportunity, considering that I'm a newly-inducted member of the Wintermute army and all. *insert winking smiley here*
Oh, I thought you were a SLUDGE woman. (This is going to be another of those times when I'm expected to remember details of the Adventure Architect series, isn't it?)

But why do people even care about their games looking like commercial, professional titles? Is there some sort of ontological ideal that all game graphics must strive toward? Find your own styles, damnit! Stop trying to copy what's already out there!
Well, I don't think "looking professional" necessarily means copying an existing style. It's more a level of artistic accomplishment. There's a term in film making about a technically perfect shot (i.e. in focus, framed, lighted, camera stable, no smudges on the lens). They say that it's "Hollywood". That's not because all films should look like Hollywood movies, just a recognition of the production quality and technical polish that millions of dollars can buy. By the same token, I think it's perfectly reasonable for amateur adventure artists to strive to create work that is so good that it could be mistaken for a professional game.
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