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Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
I think Squinky was mostly joking.
Darling, it's my duty to slam AGS at every possible opportunity, considering that I'm a newly-inducted member of the Wintermute army and all. *insert winking smiley here*

Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
What I think it more interesting is to look at the higher end of the curve. There are quite a few Underground and indie games in low-resolution 320x200 (or 320x240) whose graphics are essentially professional quality. That is to say, they look as good (or nearly as good) as commercial games of the same resolution. (Like The Infinity String, Knightsquire, the Apprentice series, Cedric and the Revolution, The Blackwell Legacy, No-Action Jackson, etc.) On the other hand, how many high resolution amateur adventures could be mistaken for a commercial, professional title? Not many. (Some that are under development, though, like Rise of the Hidden Sun and Kaptain Brawe. The higher resolution graphics are probably one of the reasons they're still under development.)
But why do people even care about their games looking like commercial, professional titles? Is there some sort of ontological ideal that all game graphics must strive toward? Find your own styles, damnit! Stop trying to copy what's already out there!
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