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Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
Yesterday: Star Wars episode 3. I hadn't seen it before so it was about time.
The part where Anakin actually turns to the dark side and particularely the part where he got burned actually moved me.
I hate to invoke reality when it comes to fantasy films, but them floating around on rocks riding down lava flows that are thousands of degrees simply YANKED me into the world of disbelief.

Just this: Lucas had to reconcile with the Vader he had created decades earlier, and he came up with this? There could have been many, MANY better stories to explain how he eventually came to be the dark lord in his suit than this ridiculous ride down a lava flow. For one, it didn't have to happen all at once.

Yet one more example of where Lucas should not have written the screenplay for any episodes at all. He didn't write the first three, so he shouldn't have written the last three.
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