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Pulp Fiction
Bleh.. Had to see it so that we could continue our top 250 list. Still don't see why people say that it's one of the greatest films ever made. ironically I had to upgrade it after watching "get Shorty"..
(I walked out of the room for the duration of the shop scene. Seen it once, don't want to see it again..)
(But I do recognise the fact that he made a whole new genre with Reservoir Dogs and PF, and that he should get credit and respect for that. But comparing him with Charles Dickens.. *shudder*)
-Next film is Shindler's List (Why can't people like nice, happy movies..)

The Iron Giant
Wooo! *jumps up and down and claps her hands*
I'm one of the few people that's not that fond of "the incredibles", especially after seeing the special features, and hearing how he really wanted to portray the family, and his thoughts of the story he made. We are supposed to feel sorry for this smuck who treats his family like that? And his wife is the bad guy? But anyway, I wasn't especially fond of Brad Bird after that, and that was one of the reasons for why I hesitated with viewing this film.

I'm glad I finally saw it, it's a beautiful film, and I had big problems holding the tears back at several occasions. I think it would have been better if they didn't show the ending screen, either ending it before the arrival of the screw, or just after.

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