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Originally Posted by Once A Villain View Post
Yes, yes, yes! Possibly the best written show (not counting certain miniseries) ever made. Absolutely brilliant! I wish it wasn't over. :-(

There is talk about HBO doing two follow up, straight to cable movies at two hours a piece that will tie up loose ends and give the story some closure. I hope this really happens, that show is just fantastic. LOVE me some Al Swearengen and George Hearst! And E.B. Farnum! :-P
Al & Jane are my fav characters! I laughed my ass off when Commissioner Jarry is jailed and asks Calamity Jane for something to drink:

Jarry: I'm thirsty!
Jane: Lie on your back, take aim and piss!

There are so many brilliant lines in this show

Originally Posted by Once A Villain View Post
Anyway, that's funny that you say you finished Season 1-3 in two weeks. At an hour a piece and 12 episodes to a season, that's 36 hours of material you shot through in two weeks.
I watched about 2 episodes a day. One when I was having dinner and one before I went to bed Unfortunately, the eps of season 3 are around 45 mins instead of 60 mins, so it's about 30 hours of material in 2 weeks

Originally Posted by Once A Villain View Post
Anyway, those shows have commercials (edited out of the DVDs) so the episodes aren't actually a full hour like Deadwood is. However, each season is 24 episodes, instead of 12. It works out to about 18 hours of viewing per season, multiplied by 5 seasons, that's 90 hours. Last year I watched all 90 hours of 24 in a month! It was nearly impossible to stop. My uncle compares the series to crack, ha ha.
Ok, 90 hours in a month is nice

Speaking of impossible to stop, I can't stop watching Scrubs! I've seen every episode about 3 times and still I keep watching it... Man, I love Scrubs!

Other fav series: The Gilmore Girls!
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