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well, i got more progress in Jade Empire, just to the point of getting the fountains running in Dirge, but now there are tough battles ahead I sense, for my faithful avi, Produgy I gave him another vacation to rest up.

I had fun playing Tomb Legends Anniversary, I love the expanded Croft Manor and the first level is a blast in classic TR style, tho I am NOT the most skillful at all the leaping about Laura has to do....i love the settings and the ambience. They did a nice job of updating the game into the new engine and tho I have found some bugs in the area of graphics and colision errors, it is mostly because I have done quite a bit of beta testing and can catch those little things, the overall look and feel is very nice and sweet.

I am being lazy with finishing things fast, summer has come to the mountains finally and the fields and forests are green and welcoming.....
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