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Originally Posted by Bobske View Post
No movies this time but the amazing HBO's Deadwood!

Saw season 1-3 in 2 weeks time. One of the greatest shows ever!
Yes, yes, yes! Possibly the best written show (not counting certain miniseries) ever made. Absolutely brilliant! I wish it wasn't over. :-(

There is talk about HBO doing two follow up, straight to cable movies at two hours a piece that will tie up loose ends and give the story some closure. I hope this really happens, that show is just fantastic. LOVE me some Al Swearengen and George Hearst! And E.B. Farnum! :-P

Anyway, that's funny that you say you finished Season 1-3 in two weeks. At an hour a piece and 12 episodes to a season, that's 36 hours of material you shot through in two weeks. I think I've got that beat though (sadly enough, right?). I believe 24 may be the most addictive show ever made. Not the best, not the most well written, and certainly not the most realistic...but the most addictive? In my opinion, yes.

Anyway, those shows have commercials (edited out of the DVDs) so the episodes aren't actually a full hour like Deadwood is. However, each season is 24 episodes, instead of 12. It works out to about 18 hours of viewing per season, multiplied by 5 seasons, that's 90 hours. Last year I watched all 90 hours of 24 in a month! It was nearly impossible to stop. My uncle compares the series to crack, ha ha.
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