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Ghost Rider
Lots of grunting men and grunting motorcycles. I really enjoyed some of the special effects, there was clearly lots of love for the Ghost Rider and his machine (Grace) but his so called special power to judge souls looked piss weak. The fights weren't very drawn out either. The chase sequence of the second demon (air element) is definitely worth seeing if nothing else.

Its definitely one of those 'seen the trailer, seen the movie' deals. The sets are clearly sets apart from the occasional cramped Melbourne alley and its chock full of B grade Aussie TV actors... about on par with Cage to be honest ;p

I briefly entertained the notion of playing Full Throttle yet again, right after. The raw appeal of those engines really triggers some base instinct.

Letters from Iwo Jima.
I've not seen 'Flags' yet but I suppose I must now since they're always compared. I really didn't find much of it original and it didn't have half the impact that Grave of the Fireflies had for me.

Despite the slow pace with relatively little by way of battle scenes what really stuck with me was the suicide by hand grenade of the troop of Japanese Soldiers. It really made me wonder why I was watching it after the third of what, seven? guys in succession they show exploding into chunky bits one after another. It was such a bizzare feeling to be inteintionally subjecting myself to such horror, when so many people went through it for real to prevent future generations from having to.
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