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Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
Working on Resident Evil Code Veronica X. I would have been done by now if it wasnt for a gallstone attack
Are you OK now JemyM? I've heard that gallstone attacks are about the most painful a man can ever experience. (women give birth and that beats everything in terms of pain)

Anyway, I had the biggest problem with the elevator codes on the Bermuda platform in The Moment of Silence. After two days of trying I checked the UHS hints (up until this point I had solved everything without any hints so I was very disappointed having to look for help) and discovered that the game here actually is flawed, giving the wrong clues.
The code for the elevator in the game says: TR M BR B - BL T TR, but in order to make the elevator work, the proper code is: TR M BR - BL B BR
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