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Pirates 3 - At Worlds end


But where is the plot. It all over the place he says. More twists and turns than a pretzal he says. More double, triple and quadruple crosses than a whole decade of 24 episodes.

However, I don't really care as it was rip roaring fun from start to finish (some 6 hours later I think)

Exellent CGI although by the end I was a all CG'd out. Some of it worked superbly (Multi-jack, Davey Jones, Maelstrom) some of it didn't (Mini-Jacks).

So overall it was good fun. Johnny Depp excellent as usual, Keith Richards looked the part didn't do much, Kiera looked nice (Hubba Hubba) and the monkey steals the show now and again.

So Fun, nice CGI, hideously overcomplicated plot for the kiddies and americans in the audience, but decent summer blockbuster.

Waaaaaaay better than the 2nd one, but not as fresh and tightly plotted as the first one.
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