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There does seem to be this myth that consoles somehow dumb down games. I remember all the hoo-haa surrounding Deus Ex 2 being a dumbed down console game.

Of course it's completely stupid myth, but nevertheless.

I'm sure the Dumb/Smart ratio is the same on the PC as it is on consoles.

As for Oblivion- I'd say it was more RPG-middling. The zelda games are rpg-lite with nothing in the way of stats etc. Oblivion uses alot of RPG ideas in the open ended structure to the stats pages, character variety, loads of sub quests, guilds to join etc etc etc

I felt it was let down by a couple of things that stopped it being more hardcore. Combat is more FPS with easy access spells and weapons. The leveling system that adjusts the enemies based on your level is probably the worst error in the game.

Of course the game was made to be more playable and they streamline the RPG elements, but hey so what.

Doesn't make it less intellegent or less fun to play. Not everyone wants to throw 20 sided dice to make decisions.

There are just as many RPG lite games on the PC. Diablo anyone.
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