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There's a lot of negative reviews of At World's End out there, but every one I read has flaws. I'm not a fan boy--I want to know if it's not worth the trouble--but all of the complaints I've read so far are shallow and with many logical errors.

"Depp doesn't show up for a half-hour and that kills it": well, duh--didn't you see the last film? He was stuck in Davey Jones locker! And it's almost 3 hours long, so what's 30 minutes?

"The last film was fun, but does anyone know what was going one during the last hour of the film?". Well, no wonder you didn't understand the first 1/2 hours of this film, you fucking moron!

I haven't seen the film yet, but I'm lending no credence to the clowns calling themselves critics. I'll decide for myself.
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