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Last night I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World End and it was amazing, Johnny Depp ( ) has just as much screentime like in the last one, which is great because every scene of his will have you laughing out loud! Seriously this movie is so great, and the ending!! arg, its got so many twists, I was expecting a fairytale ending that are typical, but boy was I wrong. Also they also set up the story for the next movie Pirates 4, they claim to not make another one anytime soon, so expect pirates 4 in 2-3 years max. I loved it so much I think Im going to go watch it again, then buy it on dvd and watch it again lol Its really that good.

Seriously, I thought the ending was going to be so typical and generic, I thought that in my head throughout the end bits, but was I wrong. And I can honestly say I enjoyed this one more than 1 & 2.

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