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Originally Posted by weemies View Post
So far... Bioware by a landslide. This contest is premature. Let's try again after Obsidian manages to release something original.


As far as I'm concerned.. I don't care. Bring me sexy games (and give C. Avellone the opportunity to do some of his better writing). Plus, the Alien-atic in me is rather curious about the next game from Obs. PS: Obs is not Black Isle, so any kind of guesswork or camparison in terms of "raw coding power capabilities (or lack thereof)" is rather futile.

Hey, let's have some actual fun and do that list thing again! It's so sexy, well mostly it really isn't, but I'm in the mood for it now. So here I go, as for my five favourite Bioware/Obs/Black Isle games, my list would go something like this:

1. PS:T
2. Baldur's Gate
3. Fallout II
4. Baldur's Gate II
5. Kotor

No "Fallout"? To be honest, while I played and liked the demo back in its day, I came rather late to it, so I was a bit underwhelmed to be honest. Played its sequel first and in some aspects (which obviously counted for me) "Fallout II" appeared to be thrice the game Fallout was. Literally. A hell of a lot more stuff to do, more places to go to, the whole package. I know what some hardcore "Fallout" fans are gonna think of me now but I don't friggin' care about that, either. Meep!
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