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/bounces back into the forum

Heya! Nice to hear from you all again. Yeah, I've had a busy-as-hell year, although it's currently ground to a bit of a halt on the work front, as sometimes happens. Currently suffering from flu, hence my heading back into the intraweb to cruise around forums and revisit places I once bothered people at! Supposed to be tripping for a week to Hong Kong tomorrow, but naturally that depends on if this incredibly badly timed ailment (I've not been ill for AGES like this) calms itself down by tomorrow. Let's hope it does, touch wood!

I still can't get over the fact that the Thread Must Die! is still going. I remember when it started spiralling out of control! Wonder if it'll be around this time next year?

Temps still rightly pesters me on Xbox Live. One day we WILL have the same games. When that is I don't know!

Wish you all well, this forum's full of happy memories...

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