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Originally Posted by Squinky View Post
So, I was just wondering, why do you call them computer errors? Won't simply "error" suffice to get your poin across?

I read that as porn the first time. Should that worry me?
Originally Posted by Karmillo View Post
On the Programing topic I present to you a very Realistic "Thread Must Die" Simulator in DarkBasic
Thread$ = "Alive"

Input "Thread Must Die, yes?> ",answer$
If answer$ = "Yes"
Thread$= "Dead"
Print "Die Thread Die!"
else Print "Whatever."
Print "The Thread is ",Thread$
Wait Key
Its still in the Beta Stages, although if the Negotiations with the publisher go well then this could be hitting the Store Shelves Q1 08!
It's highly realistic.
Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
Probably. But the best thing about being hypocritical is that I can be hypocritical.

And maybe I'll change mine again just to annoy you all. I suppose I could start using other people's avatars just to be confusing .
Who would you be next? Father Brown? Miss Marple? Maigret?
Originally Posted by Karmillo View Post
I wouldn't mind if you used mine, that way I could piggyback off of your Reputation
Originally Posted by Karmillo View Post
Yeah, I can picture it now! Karmillo...with added grammar!
Kargrammarillo!!! That does have a certain charm to it.
Originally Posted by Karmillo View Post
But it was meant to be a compliment! Spelling and Grammar are my greatest downfalls, with them under my belt I would be unstoppable!
< slips grammar, spelling and a towel (handy in all situations) under Karmillo's belt.
Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
He am Sam,
Sam he Am,
Does he love Ham,
Or does he post just to Spam?
Save all that reading time.
Originally Posted by Sage View Post
Indeed, it looks almost as tasty as this one: Lepus californicus, more commonly known as the black-tailed jackrabbit.

They are HUGE! Like, Thanksgiving-dinner-main-course huge! The first time I saw one I thought it was a kangaroo on the loose!
So that's what they look like. I've wondered in the past.
Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
Nah... it's only page 450.
You and your rebellious non-default posts-to-a-page settings. You're just a wild crazy man.
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