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Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
Mostly the half-nakedness and the lines on the torso (though Sand does look like he has an annoying singing voice as well )
Heh, I forgot to mention that that image is a scene from the fanfic "Oath of Fealty", in which the Knight Captain gets a Tattoo from joining the Neverwinter Nine. Nevalle had to take off his shirt so that he could show his tattoo, while the Knight Captain (a very naughty Knight Captain, it seems) said she wanted the tattoo on the small of her back, so she took off her shirt too. I can't remember if Sand was asked to take off his shirt too, or he simply felt silly and wanted to make Nevalle feel even more insecure, but he took off his shirt too. He was in the room too because he had to conduct the Oath ritual and make the tattoo.

Here's another scene from "Oath of Fealty". The artist, who is also the author of "Oath of Fealty" assures us that in this image they are all still wearing their pants (also, notice Nevalle's oath tattoo. Theres rumours of him having a tattoo of Nasher's winking face on his left buttock, though. ):

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