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Originally Posted by TangentBlack View Post
The green glowing guy?! The one from the credits that they tell you to try to find? I thought that was a joke.
It was

No they haven't added him. I didn't see any taxis either. They had little computer guides on Anachronox but they didn't instantly transport you between areas, just lead you if you got lost. Once you get off Anachronox the only time sink as far as travelling goes is when you want to switch party members and have to hoof it area by area back to sender station. Using the invoke 1:86 menu just adds the convenience of party management very similar to that featured in Kotor.

I tried playing through Icewind Dale 2 but its just as frustrating as IWD1. These are games for rules nuts who build twink characters where every single character is class focused to the extreme. Every fighter must be an ugly dumb @#$er to allow for maximum strength/dex/con, etc. A real pain. Balanced 'real' characters just will not survive. Very different to the Neverwinter Nights experience that practically enforces balanced characters (because the party size is so small).

I'm enjoying 007 Nightfire at the moment, but I've only just started. The cinematic feel is still new and exciting so I hope they keep it up.
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