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Crunchy, it brings a tear to my eye every time someone new plays Anachronox; it is like a dead pet that I mourn for when I hear it's name.

In regards to the combat, I have always thought of Anox as an adventure at heart trying to win over the RPG crowd. The combat is really only mediocre and unchallenging even on hard as you suggested. There are a few difficult battles that you will encounter throughout the game, but nothing too outlandish.

The reason why I say that it is an adventure game first and then an RPG is the emphasis on level design rather than gameplay. Although the worldskill minigames are amusing, it is important to explore every little detail that the environments have to offer. The dialogue (which would have been absolutely incredible if they would have used voice overs like originally planned) is a burlesque of a myriad of topics and is as witty and clever as it is well placed. Even after playing it through several times I find myself actually looking for NPC's to talk to as if they were some vital part of the game itself.

I am very happy that you are enjoying the game and I would love to hear your comments once you further yourself in it. By the way, if you find Grumpos' world skill funny now, you should wait until you upgrade it to master worldskill. I was rolling on the ground faster than you could say Manastrovos!

Oh, and so as not to derail the topic, I finished MDK2 and Messiah and am moving on to the Action-RPG Sacrifice. The game is very impressive and quite innovative in its design. I am having a ball with the various creatures that are available to the main character through the different gods. The story is also well told; the events that took place in the main character's past have me glued to my seat

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