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These past couple of weeks have three new high profile adventure games being released: Phoenix Wright 2, Hotel Dusk, and Sam and Max Episode 3. In some ways, it seems like its been surging these past couple of years, rather than dying...Sure, there aren't the same number of Myst-clones out today as there was in the late 90s, but the ones that are being released are very good, fun, original titles. We're getting quality over quantity these days.

And the DS exposure is good for the genre. Phoenix Wright stunned even Capcom on how popular it would get in the U.S. that they constantly were sold out. And Hotel Dusk is getting a lot of buzz on the mainstream gaming boards and blogs, including Penny-Arcade, who wrote a short bit on the game. And both of these title have had very poor advertising, with the popularity coming from the the blogs and word-of-mouth...In some ways, what was old has become new again in the eyes of many gamers who don't play games on the PC, heh.

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