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I don't think I'd want a thread like this right up top and in plain view. They have a tendency to be very draining as the arguments are more often based on the like or dislike of the genre (i.e. if you've moved on from the adventure genre, they may be dead to you but perhaps not to others) and they don't tend to be very productive. A terrific plan for the genre can be talked about in a forum but the reality of that plan's execution is another matter altogether. I find it kind of funny that the most concise and to the point post was from a game developer who's actually been in the trenches.

I guess I would rather see the action than read the words. Go and play a Kheops game (which isn't everyone's cup of tea either. It's good to like inventory ) or a Telltale game or a Deck13 game or etc, etc and see that they have gone out and tried to do something that they believed in. Sometimes these small companies or independent game developers succeed and sometimes they don't but they get a load of respect from me for even trying and putting themselves out there in the first place.

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