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The Last King of Scotland

It's the 70's and a young cocky, niave and newly qualified Doctor heads to Uganda to help the poor and have some fun and adventure along the way.

He arrives just as a coup takes place.

Starts off working in a poor medical clinic, but after he meets the charasmatic new president of Uganda after an accident he gets the offer to be his new personal physician.

Problem is the new president is Idi Amin, despot dictator and mass murderer of 300,000 Ugandans.

It's an excellent film which is part documentary about Amin and part made up thriller about the Doctor. It seems to sit well together by some outstanding acting performances.

Forest Whitaker in particular is blindingly good as Amin, in turns charming and extremely likeable and at time barking mad and psychotic.

Well worth seeing and an Oscar for Mr Whitaker please.
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