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Originally Posted by Panthera View Post
I bought my first Terry Pratchett book today.. I've wanted to read terry Pratchett for a long time now, especially since I'm very fond of humour sci-fi/fantasy books.

I bought the first book he made in the diskworld series; "The colour of Magic"
Whilst the first book in the series I don't think it's as good as the later ones. However, it did do things that no other book had done before (a number of pale imitators and some decent stuff has sprung up since) Still a very enjoyable read though.

For a standalone Pratchett (a lot of them follow on from earlier books now) I'd recommend Small Gods Also Guards, Guards (which spawned one of the long running threads in the later books. The Ankh Morpork City Watch) would make a good start.

Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
After seeing so many people talking about Terry Pratchett on these forums I also have plans to read some Discworld book. I've recently bought the Discworld Noir game from e-bay and was wondering if I should read the books before I play it. Would it make a difference?
Not really. The only completely Discworld ingredients are the location (Ankh Morpork) and one of the characters (Corporal Nobbs of the watch) Otherwise it's a mix of fantasy and film noir elements given a humorous twist.

Discworld I and II are more immersed in the world of the books.

Btw, I'm going crazy on e-bay buying old games for almost nothing! Somebody stop me!
I can't stop me buying more games. How am I going to stop you?
Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
I haven't actually completed Discworld Noir. I got a fair bit in, got stuck, gave up for a while and never really found the interest again. Remind me to replay it some day.
Rob! Replay Discworld Noir some day!
Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
The Butterfly Effect is an offshoot from Chaos Math isn't it?
It is. The basic concept is that small changes can have massive effects in complex systems. The flapping of a butterfly wing disturbs the air around it. These movements of air affect other air currents coming into contact with them, which affect further currents and so on and so on.

Ultimately major storms are just a lot of air currents getting together to move in the same direction so anything that influences air currents (making them more or less likely to combine) could potentially lead to their creation or dissipation.

Complex wikipedia explanation (with criticism of the theory)

Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
What exactly is Discworld about, again?
It's a world shaped like a disc that rides on the back of four enormous elephants that ride on the back of a stonkingly massive turtle that constantly swims through the universe.

It's the setting of a series of books by Terry Pratchett in which the most overriding theme is playing with the conventions of stories particularly of the fantasy genre.

For instance, deliberately making an arrow shot harder so it will be a million to one chance it will hit (because everyone knows million to one chances always work)

Wikipedia again because I can't be arsed to look anywhere else right now.
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