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Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
Hey kiddo what Mod is that?

Originally Posted by Karmillo View Post
A Shemale?

Noo! You pronounce it "Ché-MAH-Lee"!

Anyway, the module is Worlds Apart Chapter 1 - God has a Problem

But I suspect you are wondering where I got that lovely character model.

Guardinal by Ryuujin (who also made an awesome Half-Gold Dragon). It's a kitty girl!

Ryuujin made that model in preparation for Neverwinter Nights 2, I think, where it will even more awesome (this is the toned down version).

You will need to use LETO to apply the tail and appearance, though. You can download it on the vault, too. Ask if you have any questions regarding this.

The model is quite appropriate for that module ("Worlds Apart", I mean), as the city you end up living in is far from normal. For example, there is a Troll mafia (though they are actually quite nice guys).

Oh, and I made the avatar myself, from Ryuujin's artwork.

Oh, and Tibsie? That was the model I wanted to use for the online game, but ended up not using because apparently I can't use it in multiplayer (I think I'll try using it after all. I'll send you the files again).

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