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Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
Besides everyone knows that Jesus' birthday is not actually known and that Christmas was actually instated to replace the numerous Pagan holidays in the winter solstice for the birth of a new year.And someone tell me WHY do we not start the year on the Solstice?
You do not understand, Paulsie. Jesus is a member of this forum, so he deserves a Birthday thread like all of us do. Look here for yourself, he's a member alright!

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
Well, he's not in the registered members list which would explain why no reminder appeared on the day.

I'm sure that he'll be able to feel us wishing him Happy Birthday. I got up and rang bells specially for him on the day itself.
He's not in the list because so far he has only posted in ChitChat, making his post count 0.

Also, I rarely check the reminders. I told myself in the middle of the year that I'd remember, but then I forgot during the business of Christmas.

Poor Jesus...

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