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Default Customer feedback is a must!

Originally Posted by phankiejankie View Post
thank god most of the times companies don't listen to (hardcore) fans because that would be disastrous.
I’m sorry, but I think all companies do listen to fans, hardcore or otherwise. They even let their fans beta test their products for opinions. Now, they may not listen to every complaint, but if enough people point out a certain flaw you can be sure that it will get fixed. The problem with adventure games is that the problem is often in the story/ dialogue or puzzle design, which cannot be fixed but can be taken into account for the next game.

If you’ve ever read an interview with a designer concerning a sequel, they always talk about what the fans liked or didn’t like in the first game, then try to improve upon it.

All companies, not just gaming companies, care about what the consumer wants. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t last long in the business. Companies that rate high in customer satisfaction sell a lot of product.

So people shouldn’t be afraid to voice their opinions on this forum, another forum, or directly to the company in guestion. However the critique should be well thought out and not just an angry bomb-blast flame.
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