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Originally Posted by AFGNCAAP View Post
Seconded. Incidentally, Captain, that's exactly this kind of thing, rather than stating your opinion, that brought you a temporary ban. Maybe you should review your posts in that thread again, complete with "Dont pull this chicken shit with me" and all.
In that thread, that response was to 3 people who raked me over the coals for having a differing view. In that post I quoted a person who basically called me an idiot. I supported my thoughts and that person didn't give one ounce of reason as to why I am an idiot. That bothered me. The others yelped at me because "negative thoughts like mine are ruining the perception of the industry". I am sorry, but this is not a reason to not be a lemming and agree with everything that is put out. I feel that this causes the industry to continue to put out anything to apease the easily satisfied, which gets bad reviews, which kills the industry faster. All for an easy buck.

In regards to the banning, I felt it wasn't justified. If you were to ban me for just that then I would not have a problem. I was issued a warning to refrain for being argumenative, then I was banned for a post I had already made in the thread the day before the warning. So apparently someone didn't like what I had to say and went ahead and reported all my posts in the thread which caused the mod team to take action without looking into the matter. Basically I was banned without a warning, without there ever been a precident set. How was I to all of a sudden be punished for something that I have seen on a daily basis for all of the years I have been here. It is like in the bible where Paul told fathers to not be irritating there children. This is how I applied that principal.

I feel like there is a core of people here that attack me or anyone with a contrary opinion to the norm. I get offended when I have years of what I feel to quality contribution to the forum and I get slammed by the same people. Now I see the opening post and I feel personally offended as one who is vocal in this way. The wording of the opening post left much to be desired in terms of tact. I simply don't understand how anyone can have these opinions on a message board where people are encouraged to express their feelings on a subject.
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