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Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
What are you really trying to say?
I am trying to say that people who experienced the golden years of adventurism should just stop commenting negatively every adventure that gets released. It is clear that they do not like the genre any more and should let go. They have lost interest but they afraid to cut the line because emotionally are very attached to the genre. I am mean, look at the mess, some are still comparing today’s games with the 90s Sierra and Lucas Arts ones. You think this is healthy? Do FPS fans compare FEAR, Far Cry, Half Life 2 with DOOM 2? No, because they are moving and changing. But in the adventure gaming sphere we are stuck in a time warp, every game is compared to the holy grails of the past. Not healthy. We need to open our minds to new things, different things. We need to cut the emotional bond with the past.

Regarding your arguments

1. AAA titles and cash-ins aren't contradictory. Doom III is AAA title but is a cash-in too, in one way or another. Sierra games back then were always of high production values. Don't confuse production values with how good a game is.

2. When I used the phrase "I've grown up" I was referring to me and more generally to the people that back then were playing these games. All of us now have at least 15 years more on our backs (that doesn’t make us better than new gamers). I didn't use it as an insult to anyone. You took it that way.

3. Games constantly get better so despite the 90s being the peak point of adventuring today’s games are in some ways better due to the advancement of technology and producing tools.

4. Dreamfall was trying to create an experience much richer than TSOM but it failed at certain things. As I see it, I would give my sympathy and love to an athlete who would try to break the world record but failed and was cancelled than one who would play safe. I like people that aim high. I love them more when they fail.

PS: Excuse me for raising my voice but if I read another post on how good the old days were and how bad today's games are I will autoban (any kraftwerk fans?) myself
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