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I have no problem with criticising a game for poor voice acting, lousy graphics or whatever. I have a problem when all the games from one publisher - not developer, but publisher get tarred with the same brush. The gaming industry hasn't had the time to evolve like the movies or TV. We've very quickly gone from individuality to mass production, and sequel saturation. There aren't any brakes on this when the publishers hold the purse-strings. They aren't looking for creativity or art, they only see the bottom line.

Never-the-less, some good games are being produced. The blanket statements hurt all of us. Publishers see this and say, why are we bothering? Let's get out of ADV gaming altogether. Let's concentrate on another blockbuster FPS. In many ways, it is the newbie who holds up this genre, perhaps out of ignorance, but coughs up the bucks to keep it afloat.

All I'm saying here is, stop trashing newbies, or the games they come in raving about. Teach them what they need to know to be able to judge better. Teach them what are the important things to look for and what to avoid. Do you hate 1st person slide show graphics? Show them why and what's better. Don't just say that they suck. It isn't always what you say or what your opinion is, but rather, how you present it to others. Maybe you got to ADV games before they did. So what? You weren't born with a mouse in your hand any more than they were. It's possible to express your opinion, whatever it may be, without coming off like a cynical snob, who's living the the gaming past. (and I don't mean you here, but for many it is true.)

This thread was not about censoring opinions, but about reducing negativity. Say whatever you feel, but say it without anyone getting hurt in the process, and without the meaningless blanket statements. If you really hate something, then back it up with examples, not trash talk.

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