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Originally Posted by Captain Blondebeard View Post
What is wrong with stating this? Everyone here is differant and everyone has differing opinions. That is what a message board is all about. If you can't handle a thread that is not one sided then I recomend you stop reading it or don't contribute to it. Most people who play adventure games are smart people who enjoy a good debate.

I for one can't stand most of the new games that have come out recently. I think TLJ, Siberia and most of those types are not what they are cracked up to be. Unfortunately too many people are satisfied with a poor game simply because they dont get too many chances to play adventures.

Whenever I say that the new games are crummy I am the one who gets harrassed in a pretty harsh manner. I got a temporary ban because I stated these very points in a thread. Tobacco told me I was setting a negative tone on the forums. In a thread with 4 attacks at me I am the one who was punished because someone reported my posts in the thread for being argumentative.

I read these forums for the old games and a few of the new ones like Runaway, BS4, and A Vampyre Story. If you want an enviornment where everyone has the same thoughts then you are about 70 years late and in the wrong country.

Just food for thought

In my opinion most of the AG's being released now-a-days are poor to mediocre. A game like Dreamfall comes out and everyone hails it as great, but while it was technically sound and pleasing to the eye it was also as dull as a doornail.

It may be fair to say that many of these games are made in Europe and lose some pizzazz when ported to English, but an excuse is not an argument.

Now maybe, back in the early days, our expectations were lower and we were easier to please. We were wowed by it in the same way that TV wowed the 1950’s generation. However, TV kept up with the times, with many shows being as good or better than they were back then. Sadly AG has not.

Quality is important and, many times, the care isn't there. Pixel hunting is one case in point. Say what you want about the old LA games but you never had to pixel hunt.

Mostly though, it's the story that lags. The smaller companies that make these adventure games lack the budget to hire the best talent. Since adventure games are all about the story a monotonous dialog can kill the game.

I don't think it's unfair to say most of the new games aren't as good. I think many of us are so starved for AG we'll gratefully gobble up whatever’s given to us.

I don't care how many man-hours went into making it. The same could be said about any movie or book. You don't have to like it, or even respect it, just because a lot of time was spent making it. Bad art is bad art.

Last but not least, some companies do produce nothing but crap! They push out games that look dated, with poor story lines, and bugs up the wazoo. If someone wants to point that out, why shouldn't they be allowed?

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