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After a brisk nap wrote:

No: Targeted non-causality as a gimmick, as opposed to being "creativity and variety".

And a tip for you: Citing quantum theory in contexts it has nothing to do with immediately sets off my (and, I suspect, many other people's) BS-meters.
Condescend to someone who is willing to take it. You have already shown you have no interest in the ideas being discussed. That being the case, one can only wonder what your motivation is for posting to this discussion.

No one here has cited quantum theory in contexts it has nothing to do with. That you fail to see the connection is your problem. Nothing wrong with that.

Kurufinwe wrote:


(sorry, I just had to say that)
No problem. You do what you have to.

Crapstorm wrote:

I was alerted to BS long before quantum mechanics was mentioned.
Crapstorm evidently finds it easier to make fun of individuals than actually take part in the discussion. That is usually the case when someone has nothing to contribute beyond a personal attack, no matter how feeble.

jacog wrote:

i hear they snort a lot of xylitol in finland
New depths being sounded. Congratulations, I expected better from you. Write it off as humour if you will, I'm no longer buying.

I think the topic is too interesting to waste on working out personal issues, which many seem to be doing. Do they have anything to say on the subject matter? Why not say it? I would be interested to hear their thoughts. Actual contributions, that is; calling something nonsense does not qualify if one gives not a single argument to support that opinion.

Otherwise you are just trolling. No other word for it, not as long as you give no reason to suppose there is substance to your reactions beyond personal animosity. No one is asking you to agree with anything, but neither do you have a right to rubbish other people's worldviews because they differ from yours.

Let me make it simple for you: What exactly do you find stupid about drawing ideas from one field and applying them to another? It is a simple question. It is on the topic. You must have a good answer to it, given the way you act.

Do share. (And let's keep it civil from now on.)

Simo Sakari Aaltonen

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