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AprilLives: Ah, I neglected to mention the connection: As above, so below. I take it as such a given that I did not think to mention it outright. I was applying findings regarding the microcosm, or quantum theory, to the macrocosm, or ordinary physical interaction.

The connection has been recognised for millennia, so quantum theorists are only rediscovering the wheel here, but whatever the soil of the ideas, several principles of logical-analytical scientism are called into question: causality (A leads to B), constancy of time (linearity), and objectivity (the belief that a separation can be made between the observer and the observed).

Quantum theory is by no means necessary for any of this speculation, I was just using it as an arbitrary avenue of approach. Buddhist tradition would arguably make for at least as fruitful an angle...

After a brisk nap: Creativity and variety a gimmick? Well... I suppose that is one way of looking at it! (I think it safe to say you are not thinking beyond my simplistic illustrations, which were meant as obvious, mundane, one-dimensional. Add a second, third, or fourth dimension or axis to the configurations of the scenarios and you are dealing with a whole different conception of reality.)

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