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Originally Posted by QFG View Post
I'm not sure that the preference for a One who solves the problem and saves the day is immature or adolescent. I think instead it is millenia old (Gilgamesh; Beowulf; Moses; Jesus Christ; etc.) and a very natural human instinct.
Poor old human weakness... We tremble on the fact that one day we will die and this clouds our thinking. We fear death so much that we are inventing stories of Ones who will save our pity souls. Jesus, Superman, America you name it. Why we can't settle with the fact that we are just flesh and bones and like all things in the universe we will vanish one day just like the dinosaurs did... Couple that with the HUUUUUGE human ego and you have one-man army heroism explained.

To cut the long story short: Deus Ex Machina. The wonderful father that always comes up at the very last moment and save us from harms way. Either mortal or immortal (it doesn’t matter) he is the saviour, the one that takes away the fear of death.
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