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Originally Posted by aries323
IIRC, the average age for the gamer is about 35 or so and the average gamer buyer is abouty 30-40 years. Half of them are women, as well! I do think, game companies could earn much more money if they targeted some of their games to the more adult (or mature) gaming audience i.e the 25+ crowd.
Very interesting market data… I must say I am a bit surprised. Is this US only?

Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens
So do you think that kind of 'mature' content exists in games mainly for salability and wow factor?
The wow factor is common practice and its not always bad. Some times nudity or violence stand as “hooks” just to motivate your interest to check something. It’s like someone screaming to get noticed when every other is whispering. I have no problem with people using the wow factor as long as there is real content underneath. For instance the movie “Irreversible” used the whole rape scene to death in order to raise the wow factor but personally I believe the movie is much more than Monica Bellucci beaten to death so in this case the wow factor was used correctly because the content under the initial wow was not cheap.

Originally Posted by Terramax
Selling it is the other key. We see adverts for games in game magazines and websites and maybe FHM and Zoo magazine, but what about trying to advertise The Moment Of Silence in a niche Sci-fi magazine, Syberia in Rolling Stone? Animal Crossing in Heat/ Hello or other gossip magazine?
Yes crossing selling is something that doesn’t used much by the game industry and I can’t really understand why.
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