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Originally Posted by bigjko View Post
No, I know it's out in January. I just thought you were joking when you said you couldn't wait two months for the next episode. Can't even remember how long I've waited for the first episode.

I guess someone's going to say in January "What?! Next episode in February! Episodic gaming.. I don't know.." :Shifty:
yeah yeah.

My point is, when you've waited soo long for something this cool, then you want more fast!
And the episode is way too short anyway.
Its like waiting 2 hours from the pre course to the main course in a fancy restaurant.
Its unbearable.

What about x-mas sales and all that? Telltale not interested in cashing in?
(the next episodes are probbably not ready yet anyway )

(coulnt post earlier, cause i couldnt access this site for some reason)
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