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Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan

Hi my name is a Borat. I from Kazakhstan.

Come see my film.

It is a disgusting, racist, insulting road trip across the US from New York to California to meet my love Pamela Anderson and make romantic spurtings upon her stomach.

Along the way we will secret film me interacting and insulting various real people in the hope of getting a laugh at their awkardness and racist comments. See me get a Rodeo crowd cheering at George Bush drinking the blood of all iraquis, before defacing the US Anthem with rude lyrics about Kazakhstan, See me roll around naked with a fat man on a bed with his crotch in my face or watch me have dinner in an Alabama mansion and invite an unappropriate guest.

Thing is it's bloody funny, but it's an uncomfortable funny. Some of the jokes you just will not believe he got away with, some of the real attitudes portrayed are pretty bad, and the portrayal of Jews will make you squirm.

Certainly not for the easily offended.
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