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I've just played through the office part and some of the street, and to put it's the best adventure game I've played in years and every other current adventure game series should just crawl away and die because this is the king and everything else is just bland by comparison!

The writing is exceptional, literally a laugh every half a minute or so. Although the gameplay isn't particularly challenging (OK not even slightly challenging) the amount of stuff you can look at and interact with onscreen makes it a truly enjoyable gameplay experience.

The only complaint I have so far is technical was the case with Bone before it, it seems to take forever to load between areas. That's it really.

I think Telltale Games is the best thing to happen to the AG industry in years, not only with their own products but with offering digital distribution on other companies games as well, people are going to visit the site to check out S&M and will probably end up trying those other games while their at it, which they maybe wouldn't have done otherwise.

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