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Originally Posted by Erwin_Br View Post
Eh? What's wrong with a dialog box?
There's nothing wrong with a dialog box. In a windows application. A web site isn't a windows application. Even then, it wouldn't be so bad if this was actually a real dialog box (like you get for downloading files, etc.). But no, it's a dirty little bit of code that covers up the actual page with something else.

I think that's what really provokes me: seeing the webpage there, covered by a semi-transparent layer, inaccessible while I'm forced to deal with this thing covering my screen.

Also, it's reminiscent of the popups seen on dodgy websites, and it breaks both the web paradigm and several standard browser features (like open in new tab, or hover to see the URL of the link).

In general, I don't want websites to start drawing layers on the screen, or pretend to be an application when they don't need to be, or hit me with all kinds of "cute" tricks. I just want them to render a page, preferably in plain HTML.
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