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I had a toss-up tonight between a horror movie (probably Eyes Without a Face) or Sabrina, which I borrowed from somebody and which I've been wanting to see for a little while. I went with Sabrina, couldn't hold the urge any longer despite the holiday. Best part is it was totally worth it; I think I've fallen in love. With Billy Wilder, that is. Pretty soon (next time the library here has it in) I'll be seeing The Apartment, and that'll be my fifth Wilder flick. But already, having seen what I've seen, I can't get enough of the guy. While it's fun to pick apart his movies for all their images and subtleties, it's really more fun to just surrender to his charms and his always engaging characters and stories.

I might have to rewatch Breakfast at Tiffany's, which I've never really given much a chance to, but now I kinda like Audrey Hepburn. Additionally, this is probably my favorite Bogie performance, and Bill Holden's always great. But for me, Wilder is the star, even despite how much I fell in love with the characters, especially Sabrina. Sigh....
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