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Originally Posted by AFGNCAAP View Post
I might do that, but don't be mad if I end up copying and pasting my top ten and lumping the rest in just a few categories like "excellent", "good", ..., "awful".
Sounds like a reasonable approach to me.

Originally Posted by Wimli View Post
You probably meant that already, but just to be sure: this only includes games you've played all the way through, right? Think that would be best to limit it to those. I've played hundreds of games, but when it comes to finished adventures, the list becomes much more manageable.
Yes, unless you feel certain about its place in your list. If you've played halfway through a game, found it awful and don't want to play another minute of it, feel free to put it at the bottom of the list. I'm leaving that as a judgement call. The advantage with this ranking system is that someone who hasn't played game X won't affect its place in the final results.

The main reason I asked for all the games you've played is to prevent the following: Let's say everybody posts their top ten only. One person puts a game in top that's not included on anyone else's list. That game would come out on top since nobody had said they liked another game better than it. The more data, the better results.

I'll post my own list later. I have most of my games elsewhere, and I want to make sure I don't forget anyone.
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