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Ha! I almost started a thread like this last night, but figured it was cruel and unusual punishment before the game was actually out.

I also quite agree with the review, which leaves not a whole lot more to say. Besides the hilarious driving sequences, if anything left a lasting impression on me, it was the absolutely fantastic repeat use of a particular location (which I won't specify). Small budgets may indeed mean fewer original assets to work with, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative with the ones you have. It was playing through these where it really struck me how well these guys know how to design games.

Erwin, the music did bother me after a while (which I didn't force Evan to say, but probably prompted it. ) The tunes themselves are great, but over time I found them too repetitive and too noticeable at the default volume. Easily solved with the volume control, but personally I'd give people a break from it once in a while anyway. If you use music all the time, then where's its effect when you really need it?

Anyway, should be a no-brainer at $9.
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